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Hi - I'm David.

Thanks for your interest in Brandywine Grove.

I love developing real estate and have worked in construction and real estate since my teenage years.

Brandywine Grove is the biggest project I've tackled to date - my goal was to design and build what could be a truly one-of-a-kind luxurious getaway, where people can come to relax, reconnect with nature, enjoy family and loved ones, and make memories that last a lifetime. Each of the unique properties were designed and built by me and my team.

Brandywine Grove sits at the back of a 21 acre property - full of beautiful rolling hills overlooking a golf course and a pond. There's stunning views in nearly every direction. I live on the property along with my two children, Sabrina and Hayden. Our hope is that all of our guests make memories they take with them for a lifetime.

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"This treehouse truly felt like an oasis, a high-end relaxing destination. The beautiful and quiet surroundings was just what we needed for a week to recharge. We appreciated the cleanliness, the quality of the cooking utensils, and the overall comfort and coziness! "
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All four properties are uniquely designed. You can expect a truly remarkable stay no matter which one you choose.

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